Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So, I've got this book here...

So, I've decided to assign myself the task of writting a novel. It's not the first time. I've started books before, typing word aimlessly, just praying they'd find their way into some sort of creative order, although, that never seems to be the case. Fortuantly, things are looking up, I've gotten farthest with this one. I know this one will get finished. It might take me the rest of my life before I feel that it's perfect enough for me, but it'll get finished, I promise. So welcome to the start of my novel writing, and good luck in deciphering my scattered thoughts. Sometimes words just come out, and I haven't yet had the time to decide whether they were meant to be written or not... Oh well. Too late now. If the words wanted to be there badly enough to go behind my back and jump on the page, then they must belong there.

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